Friday, September 07, 2007

Paul 107: Bully It's the Pits

Just got this book in the mail, and I love it. I love it for a few reasons- partially because I love Paul 107's graff books. I love that it's available online for free, and I love the aesthetics of it. It's totally accessible for pit bull rookies, but it doesn't talk down. The book is also good for pit bull afficionados (aka not-rookies) unless you're a total snob and can't appreciate "cool" pit bull stuff. And in the middle of all the "coolness" of it, it's got good info- like, carry a breakstick, don't leave two bulldogs playing unattended, and consider adopting a dog. He talks about exercizing bullies with spring poles and treadmills, and about using kongs to make your dog work for his food. There were only 2 parts i didn't like: how to convince your mom to let you have a when she doesn't agree? Just bring the dog home anyway. I didn't like that part at all, obviously. The very end features a segment on "Gladiator Kennels," and while they appear to be doing pit bull breeding in a semi-reasonable fashion, I'm not finding any working titles on their dogs, either. I could have done with out the breeder promotion, basically.

Anyway, I think it's an awesome book to have out to start conversation about these dogs, with friends who "buy the hype." The intro states the authors hope to make this a yearly installment, and I hope so, too! I will definitely be keeping my eyes out for volume 2!


ria said...

i got this book along with diane jessup's book "the dog who spoke with gods" and i absolutely love them both! i love the breed and am currently working on a persuasive speech about how great a breed they are. however, i'm finding it very difficult to do research on them since every search result includes articles about pit bull attacks, dog fights, and graphic photos of the negative. i often find myself crying after doing research, because what i find out hurts and its scary to know that those graphic photos don't make themselves and sick people out there are doing so much wrong to such a loyal breed as i type this comment!
but i agree with you, i hope there is a volume 2 to this book as well.