Saturday, October 20, 2007

Kate Atkinson: Case Histories

Case Histories, Kate Atkinson. a good, fun read. so far the best book in my "unread 'A'" books. a interesting, keep-reader-involved vignettes that turn out to have a plot to connect them. which is a good thing, too, since i'm not a short story reader. the vignettes turn out to have a sort of predictable ending, if you manage to keep all 300 characters straight in you head. i would say i kept track of 250 of them. not bad, but not great, either. could have done with 200 to start with- i might have caught 180 that way.

this book was not good enough to make me go seek out atkinson's other books, but it was good enough that i would pass it along to a friend seeking a fun read. (not good enough to demand that they return it...)