Saturday, November 03, 2007

Michael Chabon: The Final Solution

Seriously, stranger things have happened, but literally, I'm pulling these books off of my shelf in random order in the hopes of finishing my "unread books, A-Z" project. I'm not reading the backs, I'm just reading the books. I believe i just read 2 books in a row about Sherlock Holmes, completely by accident. One was too long (Arthur & George) and one was too short (Chabon: The Final Solution). Both centered around a family with an Indian priest married to an English woman, and an English detective called on to solve a case. The unsolved cases were different, the modes of story telling were different, but the bottom lines were the same: Neither book was very good. At least the Chabon book was a quick read- more of a novella, really. I haven't decided yet if it is a good idea to read these books back to back or a better idea to skip them both entirely. Probably option B.