Saturday, October 20, 2007

reading my books

i have a lot of books. too many books. they don't all fit on my shelves, and i have a LOT of shelves. so i have a new project. i'm reading all of my books that i haven't read. i would say i've read 80% of the books on my shelves. that still leaves a shitload of books that i haven't read. i'm going to TRY to read all of these books before i buy any more books. i know that this will never happen, but it's a noble goal.

i tried to alphabatize my books, but i failed, because they don't all fit on the shelves. got to about the "m's" before i realized it was pointless to try and put them in order if there was nowhere to PUT them. so, i'm starting my reading the unread books project with the "A"'s. and i'm reviewing hte books i read on facebook, because i'm just that dorky. but since my blog is here, and i'm all over the internet shit, i think i'm going to put them here. because i'm just that cool. i mean, what is cooler than someone who is reading their unread books, reviewing them on one networking site, and blogging them on another? ok, pretty much eveything is cooler than that. i know. it's pathetic. seriously pathetic.

in good news- i have so far read 4 "A" books, and i'm getting rid of 2 of them. that is a GREAT improvement over my normal disposal rate. at this rate, i will be able to fit all the non-fitting books on my shelves. we'll see how many letters this project lasts....