Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Look what else I got!

Well, don't look, just read. On Sunday I was taking a nap, as is normal for me on pretty much any day that I am not otherwise engaged in normal paid routine. I woke up, and my computer was dead. Off, not working, closed, shut. This was not happy. It was on before I took the nap. I called my dad, previously mentioned, as he does not like to read in translation. I did not think he could really fix my computer, because not reading books in translation does not have any direct correlation to fixing mac's, however, he got lucky. "Plug it into a different outlet," he said. I did, and it worked! Then I stepped out of the room for a second, and it didn't work any more. Once again, the machine was off, dead, not working, finished. I called my dad, who still does not read in translation, and still doesn't really know how to fix computers. He was out of suggestions. He did, however, find a number for the local Mac store, which was good, since I couldn't turn on my computer to look (were IS that Yellow Pages?)

The next step was waiting on hold. And waiting, and waiting. I won't make you listen to the staticky ugly music that I listened to. You would never come back. Then I talked to a lady in another unidentifiable country- we were definitely speaking in translation- and she informed me that most likely I had a "dead unit". She did not elaborate on the definition of "dead unit," but I knew in my gut that this was ominous. She told me to put a different plug into my computer. I don't keep extra cords with strange ends in my house. So off to the Mac store, smack in the middle of the holiday rush went me and my "dead unit."

The Mac was indeed dead. That was the bad news. The good news is that I got a new one. And it is so big. It is a 24" iMac, and she is beautiful and fast and easy to use. I watched CSI on her, and she is lovely. I turned her on, and she is quiet and zippy and once I found the disc drive, all was good. She even sometimes spontaneously takes pictures of me, which is more than a little disturbing. Spending money was also a little disturbing, but I am forgetting it now that I have this nice toy. Oh, so nice. Turns out, the Mac died due to power surges. We had another after I got home, but fortunately I also invested in a power surge protector thingy. Hopefully 5050 jules is enough. It sounds like a lot!

Ok, you can look now!