Monday, December 24, 2007

Marc Jacobs and the Chihuahua Princess

I have never heard of Marc Jacobs. I do not know what Marc Jacobs is or what they sell. All I know is that if you walk down Fillmore St. right now, in SF, you will see this store with this bizarre window filled with a giant swan, and even more bizarrely, all of these pictures of people in the swan, and even MORE bizarrely, all of these people posed with the same two people in the same two costumes over and over and over. The man is in a kind of soldier/nutcracker costume, and the woman is in a kind of white ballgown. They're both kind of young- early 20s, maybe? It is very very odd. I am guessing that they are supposed to be from Swan Lake, but I don't know, and noone's talking. I have so many questions about this situation- do these people get paid to sit in the window with strangers? Do people who sit in the swan with these mystery people buy things from the mysterious Marc Jacobs? I tried to find a picture of this window online, but I can't. If it's still up the next time I walk by, I will take a picture.

Here is the only picture I have: Uma and the prince and princess.


World Best Kids said...

I love you honey! Marc Jacobs is a real person and he designs ridiculously expensive things. I am of no help, though with the swans or those people in the windows.