Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The A's: The Good News and the Bad News

The Oakland A's are a constant source of drama in my life (and in any A's fan's life). They're never quite good enough to get complacent about and they're never quite bad enough to rule out. This next year, they might be just-that-bad, though. The bad news: Kotsay, who I loved; Swisher, who made me roll my eyes every time he came up bat; Haren, a typical A's pitcher: so good and so young; and Magic Marco have all left for greener (read $$) pastures.

The Good News: My ex-boyfriend (now happily married) Huston Street has been signed for a year, and my current boyfriend, Kentucky Joe Blanton, has also been signed for a year. Another year in paradise (or something like it) with the Green and Gold.