Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A. Manette Ansay: Blue Water

Back to alphabetical reading, here. My friend in Hawaii sent me some books and so I got sent back to the beginning: the "A"'s. Although always grateful for reading material, I'm not recommending or holding onto this book. I suppose it might be good vacation reading, as long as you're not on the beach: there are a couple of slightly scary scenes that might make you never want to swim or boat again if you were reading it too close to the surf.

Basic plot line: older couple have kid, lose kid to drunk driver who happens to be former friend of protagonist, couple struggles to pull together the pieces by buying a boat and setting to sea. Pieces come together, fall apart again, resettle. I wasn't particularly convinced by the couple, or by the boat stuff, which read as a little too "researched", or even by the loss of the son. And I was really annoyed by the few pages where a minor character went back and forth being named "Lauren" and "Laurel." Editing, anyone?

Not a terrible book, and I suppose I am getting crotchety- there is definitely a place for "light" reading, or family fiction, or whatever this is, but I just couldn't put aside my cynical side long enough to relax and enjoy it.