Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mobile Advertisements

Remember when cars were just cars and buses were just buses? You had to look in the yellow pages to find a dog walker or a daycare or a construction company? There was the occasional car with a "for sale" sign in the window or a number spray-painted on the back windshield, and buses sometimes had those ads on their butts, but that was about it. I remember one time I got in an AC Transit bus, when they were using for school buses to my elementary school, and it had been turned into an ad. Head to toe, like a end-to-end freight car. The windows were all tinty from the inside. I think it was for one of those Pepsi flavors that never took off, or Mountain Dew, maybe. We were a rolling posse of kids advertising tooth rotting beverage. Sweet.

Now everyone has those little metal magnetic signs that I guess they can take on and off of their vehicles. SUV's and trucks seem to be the worst, with the exception of PT Cruisers (another one of my "who DOES that?" questions, but for another time): it seems like you can't have a PT Cruiser without having a little metallic sign advertising something. I can't figure out: do people really suck in consumers with those signs? Are they trying to recruit people while they're driving? Because it really only works when you're stuck in traffic, because you shouldn't really be craning at people while you're driving, trying to find out if they're the best deliverable meals in town. Or are you supposed to write down their phone number while you're passing by their parked car, like on the street, or in the driveway? What happened to anonymity? I don't really want people peering in or at my car, but I guess money is more important, right? Stare all you want, as long as you buy stuff from me...