Friday, January 04, 2008

Tanner the Lab (Barbie Style)

Somehow I forgot to move this over here. Make sure you pee before reading this so as not to pee in your pants. Or maybe you won't think it's funny, in which case, you'll know just how weird I am.

ok, maybe everyone saw this when it came out (and before it got recalled for deadly poop). but seriously, this thing is the funniest thing i have seen in so long.

apparantly, barbie got a dog. a lab, it appears. barbie likes to feed the lab treats. then the lab needs to poop. barbie then cleans up the poop with a poop scooper. good girl, barbie! the funny part ensues: a) the lab, named "tanner" does not squat when he shits. pull his tail, and he poops. this cracked up me and my coworker to no end today. he poops like a horse, not a lab. i tried to convince my coworker that all labs poop this way, but she wasn't buying it. neither was i, really. b) the lab poops the same thing he eats. oh, no! so bad! c) this toy was recalled because the poop was TOXIC! not just to tanner (duh) but to small children as well!

there is really nothign like this picture. i love it, and my use it forever as my "make lauren laugh in moments of deepest, darkest depression" picture.

now, if this isn't enough, there is also a fabulously bizarre promotional video of tanner shitting at the dog park. i mean, mattel really thought this out!

Barbie's Dog Takes a Dump

Posted Aug 16, 2007