Friday, January 04, 2008

Update on Severe Weather

I posted this morning that I was about to enter a Severe Weather area, but that I didn't now what that meant. Well, I do now. It means that I spent a good portion of the morning walking dogs in the closest thing that San Francisco has to a hurricane. Wind was blowing the rain sideways, tree branches were falling, glass was shattering, it was a nightmare. I saw cars totaled by tree branches, restaurants closed due to destroyed windows, and all sorts of other mayhem. I wore two raincoats (on top of each other), a hat with ears, and a scarf all day long, and I was always drenched. I ran my socks through the dryer twice, but that didn't help. A nice coworker loaned me some sweats so I could dry about 20 pounds of water out of my jeans, which pretty much saved the day. When I sat down on chairs, small oceans formed underneath me. It was a disaster. But every dog got walked 3 times before 12:30, so I think I was successful, if not a little foolish and stubborn.

This is kind of what it looked like:
(not my photos)

Around the corner from where I was walking:

At least I got to pee inside. Ask World Best Kids about that one...