Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Blood Type and My Childhood

Today, I needed to know my blood type. I do not know my blood type, which says something about me. But I also learned something else about me, courtesy of dear old Dad, who I have blogged about before. I thought to myself, who better to know my blood type then my parents (aren't they supposed to know these things? I don't have a TV, but I've seen enough TV shows to know that when there's an emergency, the cops or the doctors in those emergency shows ask the parents "What's her blood type? Quick!" And the parents save the day. Well, the parents tell the answer and then the cops or the doctors save the day). Apparently I am the last to know that my life is not a TV show. My mom did not answer her cell phone (also known as 1-800-Mom-Help), so I called Dad.

Conversation went like this:

themacinator: Hey, Dad, What's my blood type?
Dad: I have no idea.
themacinator: Aren't you supposed to know these things?
Dad: Maybe. But I don't. Call your doctor.
themacinator: When I was a kid, what would happen if I was, like, bleeding to death?
Dad (laughing): Well, I guess you would have bled to death.
themacinator (laughing, sort of... also sort of alarmed, but not particularly shocked): Um, that's a little disturbing.
Dad (pretending babythemacinator is bleeding to death): Sure, get the tourniquet, but don't get any blood, because we don't know what kind we need.
themacinator (now cracking up): That's awesome, Dad. It's all clear to me now. This is DEFINITELY going on the blog.
Dad (also cracking up): What can I say?

Incidentally, this conversation was happening in police headquarters, which led themacinator to state: Just so you know, Dad, I'm surrounded by policemen, none of whom can save me in the case of sudden hemorrhage, since you have failed to tell me what kind of blood type I have.

Now you know why themacinator is the way she is.


harleymom said...

this may not help - but my blood type is B+, you know just in case you ever need the info

Anonymous said...

soooooo, here's my take, you are O-negative, OHHHHHH SOOOOO negative! you made it this far without knowing, so what are you worrying about now (make it up)

yours truly, trail head bob
ps: you should still check with your doctor

Sarah said...

I don't know my blood type either, which is pretty pathetic considering that I had to prick my finger and test my own blood in a class many years ago. The results were not clear at all. I thought I was maybe AB+, but I wouldn't bet my life on it.