Monday, March 24, 2008

Bring Your Own Big Wheel 2008

Easter Sunday is not just for party dresses. This Sunday was also the Eighth (8th) Annual "Bring Your Own Big Wheel" event, usually held on Lombard Street, but this year held on the actual windiest street in San Francisco. Big Wheels, for those who don't remember (or weren't boys so never experienced them) are plastic children's toys that mimic cars so kids can "drive" them around:

"Bring Your Own Big Wheel" (aka BYOBW) is an event where adults get to act like children, only more so. I mean, really, children should probably not ride Big Wheels down windy streets, with or without helmets. However, the organizers of this event have realized that adults do not have enough fun, and that adults SHOULD ride Big Wheels (and trash cans, and tricycles, and little red wagons, and plastic skateboards, etc) down windy streets. The official website invited us to come to Vermont Street to see the excitement, and the injuries. Make sure to check out the past medical reports.

I just could not miss this event. I'm so glad I didn't- it was fun just watching. I hung out at the bottom of the hill and watched 2 or 3 runs down. The first run, apparently the riders all left at the same time because a pack of riders came by woosh all together. After they all hit bottom, they started back up the hill: one BW rider told me that the goal was to keep going down until their bodies (or their rigs) couldn't take it any more. So up and down the hill they went. It really was an Only In San Francisco event. See you there next year! The rest of my pictures can be seen as a fancy Slideshow or with captions.

I also highly recommend watching one or more of these youtube vids: (helmet cam!) (fancy editing, with music!) (many crashes)