Saturday, March 01, 2008

Hobbies and Cemeteries Revisited

I reported shamefully long ago that Mac got a beautifully blingy new collar. Yesterday, in the quest to pursue a hobby, Mac and I returned to the cemetery for a photoshoot. It wouldn't be appropriate for us to honor the dead and our hobby in just any old clothes, so Mac got all spruced up in said collar:

It just has to be said- that dog is DAMN cute, and he looks sort of out of control amazing in pink. I can't count on my dear readers to stroke his ego, so I'll take care of it. And in case you were looking for another shot of him, here it is:

The cuteness is almost overwhelming, and the dog is sleeping right here next to me! I will try not to fall out of my chair. Anyway, this post is not just an "ode to Mac"- I do try to title my blogs appropriately- it is an update on my photos and my hobby. We had a great time out shooting pictures and I'm going to pick some new destinations for Monday and Tuesday. It's good to be getting out, and one day I'll actually begin to learn all the amazing things my camera can do for me as I'm basically using it as a point and shoot right now. The camera is definitely smarter than me! This is definitely my favorite shot:

and this is my second: (how bizarre to have a grave marker as a happily sleeping little girl! I have a couple of other angles of this girl, but I have to work on them some more in PhotoShop, another thing I'm learning about, as a hobby).

The rest of yesterday's pictures can be found on flickr.