Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Mama's Boys

Mac and Mole have a strange relationship. They are both mama's boys, but very different.

Mac: "Weird, I think there's something on my foot."

Mole: "Why do you do this to me, Mom? Please, make the evil stepbrother go away."

Mac: "Oh, I recognize him! We've been walking with him for an hour! Wait, he was in the car with me before that!"

Mole: "Mom, my "brother" is looking this way. Pick me up, PLEASE! It was bad enough we lived with him eons ago."

Mac: "Mom, I know I know him from somewhere. Can you help me out?"

Mole: "Dude, I'm warning you now, don't look at me..."

Mac: "Mom, I'm kind of scared. He's looking at me. I think that's the evil eye. I am not good at dog language... I'm not supposed to be scared of little dogs. But this one... he scares me."

Mole: "You're stupid. Mom, get me away from him, I'm losing braincells just thinking about him."

Mac: "Mom, he called me stupid. Can I get up now?"

Mole: "Mom, his head is bigger than my body, and his brain is smaller than one of my turds. Can I get up now? You must be crazy if you think I was going to pose with him."

Mac: "I forgot what we're doing here. I'll just pant. And look the other way. Maybe he'll forget about me. I already forgot what we were talking about."


World Best Kids said...

At least he is on-leash in this picture!