Monday, April 28, 2008

Flickr is Famous

(ok, Flickr was already famous).

Recently I read a really awesome blog posted by one of the photographers I follow on Flickr, Thomas Hawk. He mentioned that he had been interviewed by the New York Times about Flickr.

I highly recommend you read this post and then read the Virginia Heffernan piece in the NYT piece. Thomas Hawk says it better, in my opinion.

Flickr is a great way to store photos, obviously. But more than that, it is a way to share photos, and photography. To gain inspiration, and to communicate with other photographers, of all skill levels and types. I know my photography is improving through Flickr and its counterpart, Photophlow. I will add, that there is a tiny chance that I am also famous. I was recently at a San Francisco Flickr meet up and was briefly interviewed by a reporter for San Francisco Magazine. I am no Thomas Hawk, and San Francisco Magazine is no NYT, but hey, it's a start!