Sunday, April 13, 2008

I Hate Kitten Season

I have always hated kitten season. Shelter workers all over will understand this feeling: kitten season is just not fun, and so frustrating on so many levels. More cats coming in means more cleaning, more death, more sickness, more people in and out (surrendering, adopting, bringing in strays) and fortunately more adoptions. It means more people looking for lost cats as cats in heat "mysteriously" disappear and intact cats "strangely" wander off in search of the females. It also means less adoptions for adult cats, which means more death, and more sickness as they linger longer, waiting their turn.

But last night I discovered another reason for hatred of kitten season. Mac hates cats. He likes them a lot, actually, for dinner. I slept (or tried to sleep) with the windows open last night, because it is HOT right now. But kitten season only happens because cats are in heat. And cats in heat make a lot of noise. And Mac hears cats in heat. And when Mac hears cats in heat, he does not sleep. He whines and barks and hunts. Which means that I do not sleep.

Please, please, spay and neuter your cats. If you need a list of places to fix your cats, here's a good one.