Monday, April 28, 2008

Philip Caputo: The Disappointment

No, the book is not titled "Disappointment." Disappointment is the feeling I have right now as, sadly, I am putting aside my next book in the "C"'s. I was so excited to pick up this next Caputo book– "Indian Country." But, unfortunately, it is unreadable. Even for me, who really virtually never puts down a book. I've been slogging through the first 75 pages for over a week. Every possible cliche that I can think of has been invoked, and the book runs 500 pages. The boys are white and native American, and the brown boy saves the white boy's life. The action is not... active, the friendship is not... true, and the emotions about Vietnam are... well, trite. I can't do it.

Caputo has enthralled me in the past with Equation for Evil and his more recent "Acts of Faith" which I read before I started reviewing, but highly recommend. "Indian Country" is so bad that I fear I may not pick up "A Rumour of War," for which is he is known. We'll see.