Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sayonara, Sock

My special sock died today. The sock has traveled with me for many years. And it's not even mine.

Many years ago, my dad did the laundry. With three women (or females, two of us weren't really women then) in the house, most of our clothes were about the same size and shape. Especially our socks and underwear. This was way before thongs were the thing, and anyway, not to get too personal, we aren't really the thong type. So all of the underwear looked like mini-granny-underwear and all the socks were plain ole white sweat socks. Dad did the wash every week, and every week doled out underwear and socks to the wrong girl. Every week we complained. In retrospect, we were quite ungrateful. I mean, really, he did our laundry for quite a long time- middle school at least.

One day, Dad had enough of the complaining. For Hannukah that year, he gave each of us- my mom, my sister, and me- a pair of Special Socks. They were actually not special at all- they were plain ole white sweat socks like the ones we wore daily. But he had had them monogrammed with our initials. (I've always wondered where he got them, and what the people who monogrammed them thought about 3 pairs of monogrammed sweat socks.) Interestingly, those socks rarely ended up in the right drawer. I went to college first, and somehow I ended up with a sock or two with the wrong initials. I don't think I even had socks with my initials. I graduated college and moved away and still had socks with mismatched initials. Four years later, I went to put on a sock today, and it had my sister's initials- "KB"- on them. The sock had a hole. A non-repairable hole. There are no other initialed socks in my position. I think the sock has to be thrown away, now.

Goodbye, initialed socks. All the socks in my drawer are mine, now.

UPDATE: About an hour after I posted this, my sister came over for dinner. I showed her the wholey sock and told her that it was toast. I told her about this blog and she told me that she had news for me. She recently purchased a whole bunch of socks at Costco (or Target? can't remember) and when she got home she noticed that the brand name was KB and that each sock had KB printed on the toe. So she's got tons of monogrammed socks now. Even better, she told her roommates if they saw any stray KB socks, they could return them to her. She got home one evening to find a KB sock on her dresser. All rightfully-labelled socks are now in their proper locations.