Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's That Time of Year...

When being an A's fan starts being hard work.

The A's had such a promising start. One might say phenomenal start. One might also say something like "out of character" or "too good to be true." The A's were obviously "rebuilding" this year- Beane said so, in so many words. With names in the lineup like Petite, Hanahan, Murphy, Barton, Sweeny and Sweeny, Davis- it was pretty obvious. With 9 losses out of the last 11 games, the A's are living up to that "rebuilding" status. Some of those games (like last night, and the night before) the A's should have won. Given their amazing 22-14 record (that's 8 games over .500!) on May 7th, each terribly played game since then is a worse letdown than it needs to be. Build me up, buttercup! Either that, or shoot me in the foot, and swing with one hand tied behind your back!

Bottom line, the A's were never going to be a very good team. Five hundred was a lot to ask for. I honestly didn't think they would be any better- well, maybe a LITTLE better- than the Giant's, who I KNEW were going to be bad. But this happens every year- the A's string their fans along in one little way or another- winning 5 games in a row, beating the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (right?) three times when it counts, or finally getting rid of Jason Kendall- just enough to keep me and the other fans tuning in day after day. And then it gets ugly.

Here's some examples: Cust drops a ball. Suzuki gets caught on the base paths two days in a row. Emil Brown strikes out with men on base. Cust drops another ball. Emil Brown drops a ball. Frank Thomas hits a home run and then Foulke walks the lead off batter. Hanahan throws a ball into the dugout. Two men end up on third base. Noone can get in the runner from third with no outs. Blanton (swoon) is forced to pitch with less than 2 runs of run support every game.

Every. Friggin. Day.

And still I listen. But it ain't easy. But it's only May, and I'm not giving up.

(if you've been missing themacinator- blame it on the A's, I listen to every game on the radio at night. Hard to blog and listen and curse at the A's at the same time. I'm not THAT good. Plus, these days, it's pretty much a given that anything that goes wrong around here gets blamed on the A's.)


Honey NUt said...

well, don't give up on your team! I've just started supporting them, and your spoiling it!

themacinator said...

don't worry, i'm not giving up. i never give up, because life with out the a's/baseball is just... winter.