Saturday, May 24, 2008

Late Night Television

I do not have a TV. I do not watch TV, except when I order shows on Netflix that have run out on TV like "The Sopranos" or "Law and Order" that is so old that it still has the guy in it that's dead that looks like my (living) grandpa. Mac, however, has a TV. I mentioned briefly before that Mac hunts cats through the sliding glass door that takes up one wall of my bedroom. What I didn't mention is that I refer to this door as "Backyard TV" for Mac. He can peek his nose through the shades and watch all sorts of exciting (to him) things pass by the "screen" of the window.

He has a variety of programs available to him throughout the day: afterschool special involves small children frolicking at daycare to the right of us, the evening news when Columbus, the upstairs dog, comes down and pees in the backyard, and lately, Late Night Television has been featuring some Really Good Stuff, according to Mac. So good, that Mac does not want to turn the TV off, even though it is Past Our Bedtime. I close the blinds, I try to sleep on the side of the bed that is closest to the window, but really, Mac is insistent that he WILL stay up to find out what happens. I'm pretty sure these shows involve cats, mostly, because I've heard them. One night, must have been sweeps week, it involved a giant raccoon that WOULD NOT LEAVE my porch. I had to chase him away with a pooper scooper- what a plot twist! Lately, I think mac is just watching the snow on the TV, in the hopes that something will come on, even in a foreign language.

But he won't sleep when these exciting shows are on. If he just watched TV with his eyes closed (like how I read most of the time)- it would be fine. But he jumps up and down eagerly, whines, and barks ferociously. This, of course, means I don't sleep, which means I am cancelling his cable subscription (or at least thinking about kicking him out of the bed...).

Mac looking innocent in bed, when the TV was off.