Friday, June 20, 2008

All in a Day Off's Work

themacinator is learning how to relax. Today I:

*Slept in. Awesome. Even in the heat and sweating through the sleep, sleeping in till almost noon is awesome.
*Took Mac to Golden Gate Park and literally picked him up and threw him into a lake. Hilarious, and so rewarding to see him cool off.
*Played catch with Mac in said lake once he figured out the lake was not toxic. Laughed with some passerby's about my dorky dog who then started clapping for him whenever he brought back his toy and showed it to them.
*Walked by the beach and practiced training with Mac, who was showing off, and very on his game.
*Snapped a few pictures. Always fun.
*Ate Gordo's for lunch. Delicious, as always. Drank an extra large Diet Coke.
*Planned another nap.

And, I still have hours to go- attending the A's game with runningwithdogs and drinking beer is in the future. Ode to days off.