Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Heat. The Bugs. The A's. The Heat.

It's been really really hot here. Absurdly hot. My flickr contacts page is full of images like this:

by Gwen and

by laughing squid.

Yes, that reads 106 in Alameda and 102 in San Francisco, respectively. Yes, I believe it was really that hot, as I lived it. Today I purchased a fan for my room. We don't have air conditioning in Oakland, as triple digit weather is really not normal here. I have had the screen door open and the windows open for days and I think it's actually four digit weather in here. Okay, I don't really believe that, but you get the point. It's hotter than hell.

I went to the A's game last night, and it was a pretty good, if bizarre game. I mean, I've never been to a night game before where not only did I not need a sweatshirt, I didn't even BRING a sweatshirt. Tank top, shorts, flipflops, and out. The Marlins were in town, for I believe the first time in Major League history. The Marlins are having a great year, thanks to the long ball. They hit home runs a lot. And it was hot (did I mention it was hot?) so I was expecting a lot of homeruns. I was not expecting Huston Street, my main man, second only to Joe Blanton, to blow the game TWICE. Geren brought him in for a 4 out save, and Huston was just not the man for the job. He blew it in the 8th, and the A's took the lead. Then he let the Marlins tie up in the 9th. Devastating, really, especially since the A's bullpen was all used up with the exception of Andrew Brown and Chad Gaudin, who we never saw, for some reason. Fortunately, the A's came back to win last night.

In an interesting twist, a swarm of bugs descended on Oakland during about the 6th inning last night. I searched the internet this morning for pictures or other internet-proof, but was unable to find any. It was surreal- hordes of bugs were landing all over the crowd. We could swat them off- they weren't mosquitoes or flies and they weren't hard to catch. Sometimes you could hit two at once. They didn't bite. But they were gross. And they were there for a few innings. Some people left. We stuck it out. We are tough (and gross) that way. Hilarious to look around the stands and see thousands of people shooing away little bugs and swatting each other. Funny, and so, so weird.

ETA: I found this on Athletics Nation finally- a little snippet about the gnats:
attack of the gnats (no, not the Giants)

Okay, the warm night at the Coliseum was surprising but nice - until the gnats descended on us in the 6th or 7th or whenever that was. We were sitting in the LF bleachers and all of a sudden the gnats were all over the place… it was definitely entertaining to watch everyone do a little get-rid-of-bugs dance. Add that to the bleacher people yelling for Dibs in the first couple innings, and the hunt for the snitch in the 9th, and being only a few seats away from Suzuki’s homer - sitting in the bleachers is always an experience. (Could’ve done without the extra innings, though, Huston. A nice 4-out save would’ve been fine.)

by whiteshoes40 on Jun 21, 2008 10:52 AM PDT

It was hot today, too, so I braved another A's game. No, that's wrong. I braved the heat again today, for another A's game. I mean, who passes up an A's game?? Plus, it was beerfest- and beer+A's+summer=happy themacinator. Unfortunately, Geren brought in Huston Street again, and unfortunately Huston had not read his get-better-now Memo. He blew the save AGAIN and this time the A's could not come back. Fortunately the gnats read the go-away-now Memo, and we did not face bug-swatting for multiple innings. Additionally, at one point during the game, I was thrilled to feel goose-bumps! I think that means it's cooling down, at least outside. Upon return to my home, I was received by sweltering heat again- the new fan is not really cooling anything down. Hopefully we'll be back to "normal," soon.