Monday, June 09, 2008

Lost in Frustlation

New word, coined by themacinator: "frustlation": (noun) the state of frustration that comes from speaking with someone when already in a frustrated state who is giving instructions in their second language. Also, the frustration that comes with trying to give instructions in a second language.

I feel like a really crappy person getting so frustrated by this, but I'll be honest, lately frustlation has been really getting to me. And I should be one of those people who is really tolerant of it, since I often have to speak Spanish (my second language) to people in situations that probably cause them lots of frustlation. Yesterday, I was on the phone with two different people trying to fix my broken internet who spoke two different languages as their first language (clear by their accents) who were both equally frustrating in giving clear instructions. They spoke quickly and with little affect, and basically, raised my frustlation through the roof. I was not a happy camper. Today, I tried to schedule a tow for my car with AAA and had a similar problem. themacinator's patience is at a breaking point.

I am trying to have patience. When speaking my second language, I am trying to speak slowly and clearly, and apologize a lot, because I know that my Spanish is pretty much on the borderline of piss-poor when it comes to fluency. I make a lot of it up as I go along. I do better than bad, but worse than good. I don't shout because I think that will make people understand better, but, yeah, not so good, either.

This whole sentiment I'm feeling makes me feel xenophobic, nativist, and worse. I know I am none of those things, but I can't help it. Maybe I'll just put a flag sticker on my car and call it a day.