Thursday, July 03, 2008

Fair Warning

I have never been to the Alameda County Fair before. In fact, the Salinas Valley Fair in May was the first County fair I have ever been to, though it appears I forgot to blog about it. So I was inspired by dognerd's pictures a couple days ago to go to the fair and see what it was all about. Let's just say it put the Salinas fair to shame. There was about ten (twenty?) times the stuff, tons more food, way more people, more rides, etc. Everything cost more, and it was basically way more overwhelming.

One of the best things was the signs:

We found it slightly disturbing that they were jobs were available at the carnival, along with the prizes.

I learned that yes, there ARE pigs in Oakland, contrary to my claim that I'm a city girl, and livestock is foreign to me.

Like dognerd, I was intrigued by the fried ravioli. Unlike dognerd, I did not sample them.

I was bewildered by other fried foods. Really? Smoke on a stick? (Appears to be fried salami on a stick.) And if it's a normal hot dog, it's now a sausage on a bun.

Of course I had heard about fried everything. I had not, and still haven't, seen the fried oreos.

We also avoided the tacos in a bag, as well as the trans fat free foods. I mean, really, it was a fair!!

We chuckled at the misspellings.

We laughed at the horse facts, especially the fisting parties and the new knowledge that a pony is NOT a small horse. (Hay, even girls from Oakland know this!)

And of course, we stopped to enjoy the day-off-pooper-scooper-station that was Poop-Free.

We did not sit here, even though it was marked for sitting. It was just too weird.

And what happened to fairs being part of simpler times? AKA kids promote the strangest things.