Friday, July 04, 2008

Soy, Moobs, and Fake Meat

I eat a lot of soy. Recently, it came to my attention that there is a common belief that men fear soy products. Soy, they believe, can have harmful (side) effects because of estrogen contained in soy beans. I did not know this, nor did I fully believe this. Soy, harmful? It couldn't be!

So themacinator and a token male, soy-fearer, did a little research. If you google "soy effects on men," the top two results are quite revealing. The first website is from "," one of my new favorite websites. Here are some highlights from reliableanswers:

A 1994 study done in New Zealand revealed that, depending on age, potency of the product, and feeding methods, infants on soy formula might be consuming the equivalent of up to 10 contraceptive pills a day

And Our Men? A Half Helping of a Man?

What are phytoestrogens doing to the men? Researcher, W. David Kubiak reports that "...because female hormones or estrogen given to men in small quantities can quickly overwhelm androgen activity, and soy produces estrogen molecules in biologically significant amounts, it might be inferred that a steady diet of miso, tofu, soy sauce, and so on might not be best for leadership trainees or aspiring Lotharios (lovers)."

Now, the second article that comes up is from an equally reliable (yuk yuk) source, "SoyQuick, The Healthy Choice." Here is one of their take-home messages:

Because the average American is a meat-eater, we have a tendency to base our ideas of what is normal or optimal based on what occurs in meat-eaters. Of course, we know that for many things this is not true. For example, "normal" cholesterol levels-the levels typically seen in meat eaters-are too high for good health. The situation for testosterone may be similar. Judging these levels based on those that occur in people eating an unhealthy diet doesn't make sense.

Of course neither of these sites settled the debate between the vegetarian, female, soy-eater (themacinator) and my token eXtreme carnivore, male friend. In fact, we agreed on the fact that soy-eating-men are highly likely to develop man-boobs, which I have now learned are most often called "moobs."

However, in the end, I think themacinator won the day. Last night, we participated in a completely vegetarian, fake meat meal, full of soy products. No moobs were seen on exit. We ate at Lucky Creation in San Francisco, where there is not one meat product on the menu. We did, however, eat this:

Deliciously meatless. I anxiously await the growth of moobs.


Anonymous said...

I used to feed my ex soy based products all the time. Unfortunately (at this point) no moobs were seen. But it would have been great if I had created a negative and lasting effect. It would have made my week!

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