Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Annie Dillard: The Maytrees

I actually finished this book about two weeks ago and have just been hesitating to post a review because I can't decide how I feel about the book. I think I'm disappointed, and perhaps confused. I love Annie Dillard- "Living" and "Teaching a Stone to Talk" are among my two favorite books. And I love that Dillard describes herself as a "gregarious recluse" and that I loved her even before I knew about the Wesleyan connection. But "The Maytrees" left me feeling empty, and not in a moving empty way, just empty. It's always sad to pick up a book that you're looking forward to it and have you leave you with this "what just happened" kind of feeling. It's not the same as the "why am I reading this?" feeling, but it's not great, either. I have no summary to share, because this book is not about plot, it's about mood. I suppose it would mean more to me if I were from the East Coast, and knew anything (or cared about) Cape Cod. Maybe that's what's missing? Anyway, I'll be passing this one along.


Melinda said...

I loved this book but it wasn't about being from the East Coast and I have no real connection to Cape Cod. It was just the mood. The book moved me quite a bit actually. We should chat about it sometime!