Sunday, August 03, 2008

It Hurts to Look

It really, really does. So they traded my boyfriend. So my ex boyfriend is bordering on double digit ERA against left-handers. So they've used about 45 players this year and it's just barely August.

But at this point, I can't even turn on the A's game without getting into a defensive crouch, preparing myself for blow after blow after blow. The Royals beat them. The Red Sox crushed them, of course. And please, let's not rehash that horrid visit by Texas.

And next year? Next year promises nothing better. The starting rotation, the A's saving grace year after year, is going to be populated by people like Greg Smith. And I would have said Dana Eveland, but he's gone. Maybe we can look forward to Dallas Braden? Oh, I'm cringing again. No, I know, that superstar, Sean Gallagher. I think I just spewed in my mouth. Maybe Mr Beane has a master plan here: soften up the Oakland die-hards so they won't mind the move to Fremont so much?


sara kersey said...

watching nowadays is about as painful as labor was. maybe more so.

also i have never commented on your blog before!