Friday, August 08, 2008

Leashes- Who Needs Them?

I really appreciate dog-friendly housing. I appreciate that the apartment building next to my house appears to be dog-friendly housing. My neighbor F**** (name altered to protect the shameless) has a very nice, very small, very fluffy poodle. He does not, however, appear to own a leash. I have asked him about this, and he jokingly makes excuse after excuse after excuse. Oh, I guess he forgot it this time. Oh, his dog is harmless. Yes, yes he is. No, he doesn't keep track of his dog, who blindly (he's missing an eye) trots across the street without F****. No, he doesn't pick up the poodle's poop, and often doesn't know where it is since the dog might be a block ahead or behind F*****. I have to be very careful when entering and exiting my house, since I might see F***** and not see the dog.

Today, I see that the new neighbor in this building has not one, but two dogs. And also appears not to have leashes. She was leaving her unit, and the dogs are with her. And they head out, but there are no leashes in sight. I guess leashes are no longer part of walking your dog (even though they are still part of the law here, and general public safety).

I believe strongly that leashes are good for people, and the dogs they walk, in busy urban environments, like where I live. I also believe that there appropriate times and places for offleashdom (for appropriate dogs, of course). These places need to be mutually agreed upon, and the public, city street, is not one of these. The law is on my side, here, just sayin'. I've always liked this simple description of the leash, and it's uses. Perhaps I will start sliding them under doors. Or, maybe not.


Sarah said...

Grrrr! Stupid people who don't control their dogs! And I say this as someone who lets her dogs off leash all the time, but only in my own yard or driveway, or on off leash trails and parks. Never on public streets, and never where they might annoy or frighten other dogs or people.

Do you want me to send Sunny over to snarf at the off leash poodle?

george said...

And there's the matter of leash handling skills.