Monday, August 18, 2008

Mixtape: Lesson #2- Jaded

Located this tape in the car and I *love* it. I love the theme behind it- screw "love"- these ladies and gentlemen know where it's at. No sappiness here, just straight up, it's over, or if it's still on, it's all about booty. The tape has its flaws, so I've updated it, playlist style, and annotated it with my thoughts about what makes each song so apt. Hope you enjoy!

You Had Me, You Lost Me - Eve (
This song sets the mood of the whole tape/playlist. Eve belts it out, and the title says it all. Really nice try, mister. You fucked around, what makes you think you can have me back? Seriously? I love Eve, and the way her uptempo rapping makes even me dance. I don't dance.)
Narcissus- Alanis Morissette (from one pissed off-but still laughing- woman to the next, Alanis spends this song telling dumbass man to go back to the world he's used to: the world where everyone kisses his booty. She isn't having it. It's hilarious, and so jaded.)
The World Is Full Of Bastards- Mary Prankster (Mary Prankster is the Queen of Jaded. She isn't whining, but certainly this is an Ode to Bastards, and Bad Luck.)
Deathly - Aimee Mann (This is every woman's song about the man who tries to fix us. Why do they do that? And why do we go along with it? Kindness is deathly, and Aimee Mann is done with that nonsense.)
I’m A Slut -bis (After that spin with a little softness, bis pumps up the volume and lays it out in plain English: "I'm a slut". Take it or leave it. Totally and quintisentially Jaded.)
I'll Call Before I Come -OutKast (The intro to this song is included- where a lady discusses the motherfucking minute man. He gets his, she isn't getting hers. Damn. After this, OutKast is gonna be sure to call before he comes... Damn straight we're getting cynical here.)
I Love You (Or At Least I Like You)-Princess Superstar (If I can think of one woman who defines jaded, it's The Superstar. She's too hot to handle, and in this song, she's found a male ho. That's the way, uh uh uh uh I like it!)
Certainly -Erykah Badu Baduizm (Time for a little slow down here... No permission for love, we're way too jaded for that.)
Piece Of My Heart -Janis Joplin (OK, this one is debatable- is Janis in love? Is she bitter about love? Or, in my take, is she totally sarcastic, and saying, fine, take it- this love stuff, it's old news. Jaded Janis.)
Bitter -Jill Sobule (Jill says she doesn't want to be bitter (read Jaded) like you.)
Love Hurts-Joan Jett (Love hurts. We're not doing it again. We're jaded, remember?)
Can't Cry Anymore -Sheryl Crow (Sheryl Crow can't cry any more- she's shaking love and bitterness and pain off like a dog on the beach. She's way past that. And I believe her. Really.)
Less Than Strangers -Tracy Chapman (It would be so easy to take Tracy Chapman seriously, she's so earnest. But this is another one- I'm going with the twinge of sarcasm, and bitterness. Less than strangers. Really- that's jaded.)
You're So Vain -Carly Simon (This one speaks for itself. It's a sing-a-long song for the very, very, VERY jaded.)


Gretchen Eliza said...

That's a great mix tape. I love the fact that you know Mary Prankster. She's one of those artist that can really complete a mix tape, ya know?

Melinda said...

You made this? You make tapes? You have a tape player?