Thursday, September 18, 2008

Last Game of the Year

(that I will attend) It was really pretty typical- the A's lost, F$cking Foulke gave up 3 homeruns on 3 pitches (some kind of feat), the starting pitcher (Mr Best Name in Baseball Outman) got no run support and threw too many pitches, the A's had a 9th inning rally which consisted of walks, hit batters, and an infield hit, and I was cold, because it's Oakland in September. The A's "proudly" announced that prices will not rise next year, so I may attend more games (especially if my dad continues to take me) and sit through them in stoic and bleakly amused semi-humor. Ok, I know I will attend them. I suppose they won't be exponentially worse, and now that I know what to expect (Donorfia, Cunningham, Blevins, and Patterson (are these major leaguers???)), I won't feel let down.

On to hibernation.