Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What We did this Summer

My family had an exciting vacation. So I prepared this report to share with the class.

My mom went on a cruise. She saw all kinds of cool things. She went to Norway (that's really far north, and cold, and they eat moose there). She went to Oslo and Stockholm and Russia. She even went to Germany. That's a lot of countries!




My dad and my sister went to China, to see the Olympics. That's only one country, but it's really far away. They saw people run real fast, jump real high, and hit balls real hard.

They saw weird buildings,

They ate weird food,

And they danced with cheerleaders.

So what did I do while my family was on this exciting vacation? I did not go far away, not to another country or even to another city. I stayed in Oakland. I did not even go on vacation at all! I went to work, class. And not only that, I didn't even get to try any new foods or watch anybody jump over anything or run anywhere. But I did catch 65 pigeons. Some with my bare hands.