Wednesday, October 22, 2008

We Support Love- No on 8

Mac and Booker (and themacinator and C) attended an impromptu protest in our neighborhood today. Mac wore his Diva sweatshirt and a homemade sign provided by C saying "We Support Love." Booker wore a charming bee costume and a similar "We Support Love" sign, as well as pink toenails. Pit bulls in costumes are always big attention getters, and their appearance in the Laurel district was no exception. Mac likes to attend protests, and to wear costumes, so this was a double whammy for him. Plus, he feels that pit bulls are the recipients are much discrimination, so he likes to stand up for other unfairly maligned groups. Being a queer pit bull is just the icing on the cake...

B says no on 8

There were about 10 of us spread around the intersection and a few of Oakland's Finest protecting us. When I drove by the first time, there were a bunch of "Yes on 8" people there, being very vocal. Apparently, earlier today, and earlier this week, they had been particularly verbally abusive and confrontational. By the time we got back with our gay pit bulls, the anti-equality people had been escorted away by the judicious OPD officers. The No on 8 people were being polite and appropriate, therefore were allowed to stay.

Please, if you live in California consider voting against Prop 8. It is a hateful bill. I don't care who you marry, who you want to marry, but equality under the law is what I believe this country is about.

A shout out to purified thinking water for this awesome image:


Anonymous said...

Um, do you see what I see? Booker has a GIANT huge ZIT on his lip. I noticed it in class, too. Sheesh.

Are you and Mac going back tomorrow to lend support? -c.

AtomicAlpacas said...

All I see is a very cute squishy boy with a big smile on his face who is supporting love :) I'd certainly give Booker a giant kiss on the lips. The zit wouldn't stop me!

Anonymous said...

where is the picture of mac in his sign? I love booker and all but this is theMACinator