Thursday, October 02, 2008

Your Dog Did Not Get Stolen.

He escaped. Seriously, I hear all the time- "someone stole my dog." Ok, it's possible, I guess. But if your dog was unattended in the yard, chances are, the dog got out, and you didn't find him. Sure, maybe he ended up with someone who didn't know that the proper protocol was to bring him to the nearest animal shelter (which means you didn't have tags on him telling him to bring him back home), and they kept him, which is *technically* theft, but I don't think that's what you mean. You mean, someone came into your yard, and stole your dog out of it. I'm still waiting for a good answer about WHY someone would do this- I get the Cruella deVille theory, but really, how many people out there are wearing dog-skin-coats these days? And we've debunked the bait-dog theory (well, most people have) and if you really want a bait dog, all you have to do is walk down the street and catch one, not enter someone's private property and steal one and risk getting bitten or shot. Or maybe your dog is just SO special and SO pretty and SO unique that the only way to get one just like him is to get HIM exactly? Right, that's it. Your dog got stolen because he was him.

I doubt it. More likely, your dog got out of your yard. It might have been the easy, human-error way- someone left the gate open. It might have been the more subtle human error way- your fence was built too short, or the gaps in the fence were built too wide, or something. Or, it might have been the even MORE subtle human error way- your dog figured a way to get out of the yard. He scaled the "unscaleable" fence or dug out of the sunken fence. Why is this human error? Because you left him there unattended, and your dog was bored. He needed enrichment in his life, or he saw something more exciting on the other side, and didn't comprehend human concepts like "fence" and "property line." Can you blame him? Well, I guess you can, since you're already blaming this phantom dog-snatcher.

Thanks to Carolyn for showing me this video, which finally demonstrates my case. I'm pretty sure this would constitute an escape-proof enclosure, for most dog-owners. I'm pretty sure most dog-owners who came home to find their dog gone would blame someone else (phantom dog-snatcher). But no, it was the wiley beagle (aka subtle human error).


Mick O said...

I think this is one of the most amazing videos. Great great post! Damn your logic! It's so rational!