Thursday, November 27, 2008

Vikram Chandra: Sacred Games

So, I broke my "reading all the books on my shelf before buying any more books" rule, and bought "Sacred Games." I can't remember exactly when, or why, but it was a mistake. This book was a good idea, and not a terrible book, but at 900something pages, it was approximately 500 pages too long. "Games" takes place in Bombay/Mumbai (when did I miss this name change), and boy, it was timely that I finished this book yesterday, right before the terror/hostage situation there now. I learned more about Mumbai police, gangsters and hookers than I ever even dreamed I could know, but hey, you can cover a lot of ground in 1000 pages. If you like sagas, you might like this book, as long as you are very very very patient. Otherwise, skip it. This book is too long to appreciate. If Chandra is looking for an editor, I'd be glad to help.