Monday, January 19, 2009

The Best Things in Life are Free

Why, oh WHY did I live so long with a broken microwave? I have lots of excuses- my parents were going to give me theirs, then they backed out; it's better not to buy new appliances, they don't die in the landfill- they just leach poison for eternity; it worked just fine- if you didn't mind pressing 77 seconds instead of one minute, and approximating 99 seconds for 2 minutes, etc. Well, yeah, it didn't work that well. I found this out when my sister gave me a choice of gifts for my birthday and one of the choices was a microwave. I had suggested a microwave as my gift because I knew that my cheapass self was never going to buy a new one. I just. can't. buy. myself. things. I jumped on her offer. The catch was, her boyfriend wouldn't let her buy a microwave either (see? there's like some mental roadblock to buying microwaves! It's not just me! (more excuses, I know.)) He had a perfectly good microwave sitting in his closet, just waiting for someone who needed the "0" button and the "5" button to work. So he told her she had to give me that microwave as a "regift" first. She gave it to me, reluctantly, and said if it didn't work she'd get me a different one, and if it did, she'd get me a different present.

Well, it works. Fabulously. Not only do all the numbers work- actually, I don't think there are numbers- there's this fancy dial you turn to set the time- but the thing actually COOKS. I think I had just gotten used to food that was part way cooked, or over cooked, or just sort of wrongly-cooked. Because I'm such a crappy cooker, that I had decided I was a crappy heater, too. But this time, I'm gonna blame it on the tools. That microwave SUCKED. The new microwave (picture to come) is my hero. Seriously. I can eat every meal out of it, and not be disappointed! I practically DO eat every meal out of it, and I am never disappointed. I don't need any other present, ever. The gift of nuked food is enough for me.

Thus concludes my ode to my sister, my ode to regifting, and my ode to the microwave. Happy MLK day, and Rest in Peace, Bush Er(orr).


KHB said...

you are very welcome. i think the blog post made it even more worth it for eric. now on that other gift you want...