Friday, January 16, 2009

Camera vs Phone

from the March, 10, 2008 New Yorker. I have never had a phone with a camera before my iPhone. I find myself trying to take pictures with it, like I see everyone else doing. (I don't jump off bridges yet, but it *is* nice to have a portable camera.) Only, the pictures suck. Really, really suck. They shake, they are grainy and pixelated, and they all over are terrible. When I try to fix them in photoshop, they suck more. Which is why I love this cartoon. I love my camera WAY more than my phone, anyway.


Steve said...

Great cartoon. I've learned to appreciate the iPhone camera for what it is: A crappy camera that can be interesting in its crappiness. And is always available. (Except when it inexplicably freezes up...)