Thursday, January 08, 2009

Mac is Famous Again and/or Some Super Awesome Photog Friends

Ok, this is your reward for reading the yucky Mac post below. Or, if you didn't, scroll down and read it, because this is your payment for reading it.

This is an assemblage (?) of some super awesome photographers and their super awesome pictures of Mac. (Who is, of course, a super awesome subject.)

Enjoy, and please click on the links to see more of each artist's super awesome work.

Pffft is a new photographer friend of mine who has been torturing teaching herself with a point-and-shoot camera. She just got her new dSLR today, can't wait to see the results! This picture was shot at the Coliseum Yards a couple weeks ago. A great shot that captures Mac at his finest- dressed, sitting on feet, attempting a lick.

The fine folks at (ok not really a photographer as such, but one of my favorite places) Looking Glass Photo took these pictures. I'm not sure which employee took them, but many (all?) of them ARE photographers, and the store has a flickr stream, including many Mac shots. Here's a couple:

I love this one, because it actually shows Mac paying attention. Sometimes hard to capture, because when someone is taking a picture, that means there is SOMEONE there, and he likes SOMEONE way better than me. Oh, and there's that cute tongue again.

This displays Mac at his naughtiest, but really, what an awesome shot.

We've seen Moucri's pictures of Mac before, but they're well worth a revisit. I think the Divine Miss M might have the eye I most envy of people I've met on flickr. I've learned so much from her already.

Doesn't this make him look dignified? I'm not sure why, or how, since... he's not. This picture was taken just miliminutes after he shattered my windshield. Oh, the things we go through together. *sigh*

Moucri's first shot of Mac (I believe this was right before or after he leapt into the air at the sight of a dead animal. At least we have one thing going for us):

Finally, Mick Ø came to visit last week, and took some super awesome pictures (motif of this post, obviously) of Mac.

This was some fancy strobist thing he did, at the cemetery. Mac and I like cemeteries.

And this shot, well that's a REALLY fancy strobist thing he did. Something about flashing and jumping and long exposing. We decided to crop out the third Mac, and he did some fancyass photoshopping, and voila:

The super awesome model, Mac, thanks you for visiting all the super awesome photographer's streams, and hopes you've forgotten his superdupergross shit.


Hamtoast said...

That's one awesome dog! :)

Christopher said...

Excellent shots. Cool dog.

harleymom said...

ooh - I like the last one

Circus freak Mac!

Meera said...

Nice target for photo practice! I like his collar - suite him very well. You are a brave woman to take a dog to a photo equipment store. Mine would make me bankrupt by breaking everything.

Meera said...

"suits him" not "suite him". LOL! Sometimes spell check isn't good enough.