Thursday, February 05, 2009

I Hate My Diopter

(or, why I haven't posted any pictures to flikr in way too long).

Because they're all blurry, that's why. Three weeks of awesome locations that I scouted out. Three weeks of pictures that look really awesome till you actually look at them and then realize they're blurry. Three weeks of thinking "I have forgotten how to take pictures. I don't know how to focus. I thought I knew how to set this thing. I suck."

Yeah, no, I suck the same amount I always sucked at photography, but mostly, I just suck at tools. I can injure myself at the supermarket (yesterday) and I can poke friendly coworkers during Chinese New Years, causing them to bleed (bad luck for 10 years) and apparently, I can turn knobs on cameras that I didn't know existed, and now, when prompted to find them again, to demonstrate, can't locate.

Well, the frigging diopter does something like this and adjusts cameras for people who wear glasses but don't want to wear them while they're shooting. Why would they want to do this? I can't see without my glasses! How on earth could I see without my glasses and then adjust some dial I can't even find without my glasses well enough to take pictures of things in focus? Yeah, I can't do that, but apparently some people can so the fine folks at Canon (and presumably other camera companies) put these tricky little knobs on cameras to help us sight-impaired out. And screw up our pictures for three weeks.



Todd Norbury said...

Oh boy, I hear you. I lent my camera to a mate with glasses and it took me a while to get it back to how I like it.

Mick O said...

And the reason the 5D pics were all dark was cos exposure compensation was set. Bad luck sucks. I am eagerly awaiting a new surge of goodness from you soon, now.