Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Life, In a Nutshell, Part 2

Seriously, it's either my life that is cursed/ruled by murphy's law, (or some other law) or the Alameda Naval Base that is cursed for me.

I *just*, exactly two weeks ago, had a quite serious camera incident at the naval base. Basically, I coveted a camera, went to the base, and ended up with the new camera. Maybe the problem was coveting, a major sin, says AJ Jacobs, but I think it's just how my life goes.

I've posted before that I'm WAY behind on my New Yorker reading. I always feel like I'm catching up, but time keeps passing as I keep plugging away. Today I read this article from September 8th's New Yorker. It's one of those humor pieces that are hit-and-miss funny. I found this one quite funny- it's a take off of a spam email that I could totally have written- "Help, I lost my iphone, please send me all your relevant details, because I don't know who you are anymore, or who I am anymore, because I'm lost without my phone." Totally something that would happen to me. (Well, minus the part at the end begging for social security numbers and Swiss bank accounts, except I can see myself doing that as a joke. You can probably see me doing that too, since you know my sense of humor is kind of lame.)

Anyway, I read that today, maybe, 1100 hours. Then, at approximately 1730 hours (we don't want any time confusion, here) I went to the Naval Base to walk Mac and take pictures. And I got back to my car and I did not have my phone. I always have my phone. I have a very serious system, because I always lose things. Phone: front right pocket of jeans. Keys: attached to front right little tabby thing on jeans. Wallet: back right pocket of jeans. Easy to check for all items. (Spectacles, Testicles, Wallet and Watch (Name that movie!)) Yeah, 2 out of 3 is not a good score in this game. No phone. A nice man called my phone 7 times. No noise. Not in the car, not in the camera bag, not in the area outside my car, not in any of the "wrong" pockets. I'm thinking to myself- how will I draft that email when I get home? How will I find all the people I don't have the emails for? I'm thinking: this is so typical! I'm thinking #^*!#%$$&$^)*($@&#$(&^&*#!%^ The nice man left, as it was pretty much hopeless. I put Mac back in the car. I retrace my steps. I find my phone.



Mick O said...

Good thing it wasn't raining

Sarah said...

I have a system too. It requires two phones - I use my work cell phone to find my personal cell phone, and vice-versa. Honestly, I don't know how I got along when I only had one cell phone. Maybe I didn't get along very well. I once left my phone in an ice bin at a gas station in Barstow...

I'm glad you found your phone!