Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Life, In a Nutshell

I love my camera. I have a simple, unpossessing Canon Rebel XT. I don't even have the XTi, because reviews said that the XTi wasn't as good as it's predecessor, the XT. I got the camera probably 4 years ago, and have put a lot of use into it, but it never failed me- trusty ole thing. A few of my friends have the XT and they use it proudly, and it doesn't fail them, either.

Last week I went shooting with Tausha, who recently upgraded to the 50D and though I hadn't really had camera-lust before, one look at that live-view and I was smitten. I could SEE the bokeh before I took the picture! Here I was, the girl who always recommended spending money on the fancy lenses, not the fancy camera until you had really learned what you were doing, lusting after a fancy camera. The girl that said "I don't deserve a fancy camera," wanting a fancy camera. I told myself I didn't want one. And then I found myself looking online at fancy camera reviews. I knew I needed a crop sensor camera, and the 50D was basically it. And basically really expensive. And I kept hearing Karen's voice in my head (she works at Looking Glass so she should know) that it's not JUST megapixels (something I don't really care about,) but a new sensor that makes the difference.

So yesterday, I went into Looking Glass, just as a test. A little research, I told myself. I didn't bring Mac, like I usually do, and everyone was disappointed. I told myself (and them) that I was just researching, and touched a few cameras. I told myself (and them) that the 50D was too big. It was. The newer version of my camera, the XSi was the same size, and half the price, but not much of an upgrade. I left still wanting the 50D. I text messaged Tausha and said "man I want that camera." She wrote back something to the effect of "but yours isn't broken!" and I, foolishly, typically, wrote back, "Maybe I'll drop it!" and she, wisely, as usually said "don't do that!"

So on I went with my day. I went walking dogs at Alameda Naval Base with my trusty camera slung over my shoulder and stuck around to take some long exposures, something I'm working on. I found a spot I wanted to shoot and climbed up onto the top of my car. Weird, I know, but I like weird spots instead of the tripod, which I struggle with. I took one or two shots. And on the third shot, something happened. My camera wouldn't work. It just wouldn't shoot. I turned it off. I turned it on. The battery signal came on, but with a full battery picture. I tried to review my pictures, but I couldn't. I took the battery out and put it back in. Nothing changed. I tried everything I could think of. I got back in the car. I took a deep breath. I thought back to what I had done. I had NOT dropped my camera. I had only joked about it.

Long story short- my camera is dead. I brought Mac back to the camera store this time. That's what they wished for all along. The kind folks at Looking Glass got it to work long enough to read "Error 99." This error basically equals Dead Camera. It costs approximately $250 to send it in for repair, minimum. We're talking a camera whose net value is sentimental. I bit the bullet. I have a new camera. A very expensive new camera.

Batteries are charging now. Do other people's lives look like this??!!


Dave C. said...

"Do other people's lives look like this??!!"

Yes -- almost eerily so, in fact. I just got my first point-and-shoot camera about a year ago, and I've enjoyed taking photos with it, but I never became a very serious photographer. In other words, for my purposes, the point-and-shoot was totally adequate.

Nevertheless, I found myself daydreaming about upgrading to a Digital SLR, and having a lens that could zoom more than the 3X on my point-and-shoot, and having a few more megapixels, and...

Long story short: When I was walking my dog yesterday, I happened to walk by a camera store, and I went in to "browse" for a minute. You can predict what happened next: I walked out with a Nikon D60 and two lenses, none of which I can really afford. Now I have to teach myself something about aperture and shutter speed and ISO and F-stop in order to justify my irrational impulse buy!

At least you had the good excuse of a broken camera.

Mick O said...

Congratulations! That's awesome

Meera said...

Congrats on the new camera! I still haven't worked up the whatever-it-takes to buy a new one. *sigh* I'm distressed by my procrastination.