Friday, April 24, 2009

Best New Blog Award

themacinator has decided it's time for an award. Because I just found the Best New Blog, therefore I've created an award for it. The "Best New Blog" award. Pit Bull Patriarchy only has 3 posts so far, but I love them all. The pit bull popularity craze/fad/madness doesn't seem to be ending soon, but the conversation around them seems to be limited to a few motifs: the shaking of heads about why they're so popular, the types of people they're popular with, the destigmatizing conversation, the bad v. good conversation, the image rescuing conversation, rescue/sheltering issues, etc. This blog goes a step further, and discusses their issues in context: pit bulls image- where it fits into (American) culture, and why. Politics are discussed, racism, Presidents, and social construction (one of my favorites).

I can't wait to see more.

In case you missed it:


spotted dog farm said...

We very much appreciate this, themacinator! Please visit often and share your thoughts.