Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Fun Saga Continues

As I've mentioned, San Francisco does not like me (or anyone) to have fun. And even though I live in Oakland, as I've also mentioned repeatedly, and with some bias, lots of fun stuff seems to happen in San Francisco. Especially Bring Your Own Big Wheel. I think this was the most fun thing I've done in a long time. It was so much fun last year that I asked for the day off months in advance for this year. I mean, I will never have weekends off, ever, and I don't think I'll ever miss another BYOBW. That is, unless San Francisco makes me.

Seriously, San Francisco, where is the fun in that? I've said it before, and I still stand by it- medium sized groups of adults having fun (and behaving like children) is good for the city. It boosts morale, when there's not a whole lot to have good morale about. I mean, the election of Obama is great and all, but really, it is back to politics as usual, in a lot of instances, and as Obama goes about dealing with all the shit Bush did, we have to deal with all the shit Bush did, which is downright depressing. The rest of 2009 is pretty craptastic- war continues, economy continues icky (I celebrate when gas goes down 2cents and when I only have to take 1 day off a month instead of two...) So, what is good? Fun, even in San Francisco! The city argues that this is expensive. I argue that expense like clean up, and even cops to monitor our fun keeps people in San Francisco in jobs. I argue that we are stimulating the economy- how many of us have to commute to our fun by taking BART or driving to our destinations (buying gas, paying toll, etc). The city argues that we need to be "regulated." I'm not sure why, because this isn't some anarchy where we're all suddenly going to shout "damn the man" and start rioting and looting. We're riding big wheels down a long block. Then climbing back up and riding down again. I mean, organized chaos, but with a purpose.

I am part of a Big Wheel team. We're going. Expect greatness.

Update: SFPD hates fun:
From a comment on SFBG:

Update: BYOBW organizer say they just received the following word from SFPD Capt. John Loftus: "As far as I'm concerned, there will be no big wheels, garbage cans or vehicles of any kind going down that street on sunday. We will barricade the street and you won't be able to go two feet anywhere on that block. If downtown wants to come up with another solution, fine, but as of now, wednesday, that's the police department's position."
So, they're response to a fun event that would close the street for a few hours is to...close the street and ban the fun. Because sometimes you gotta burn the village to save it.


Elizabeth Kennedy said...

Expect greatness: Yet another very solid contender for the epic forearm tattoo.