Saturday, April 11, 2009

This is How, This is How,

This is how we roll.

aka, screens are not enough.

The other day, EK, T, and I were discussing a seriously creepy ad that has been running on the back of the AC Transit buses. Basically, the ads say "Children are falling out of windows," or "Los ninos estan cayendo de las ventanas," and feature some semi-creepy looking children, and they tell the poor drivers stuck behind the bus that "screens are not enough". No, screens are NOT enough, we say! Protect the children, we say! Do NOT let your children get too close to windows! Fear the falling! Yeesh, it is creepy.

So yesterday, I went to blog about this, because Mac tried to commit suicide and to take me with him. I went exploring again, this time in Byron. We checked out this awesome 3 story building with no windows. And no screens, either. Large windows with nice views. Mac is a great explorer- he's all gungho about running up stairs, has no fear of strange, rusty surfaces or broken glass, and is really into wherever we go. I often let him trot around on a long line, because one of the really fun things about exploring is that I don't have to worry about other dogs there. When you trespass, there usually isn't anyone or anydog around.

Mac wasn't such a great explorer in Byron. He was his normal intrepid self, eager to run up and down stairs, to check out each room, to find V when she got too far away. However, he was also REALLY into these large windows with no screens. Dogs were not falling out of windows. They were jumping out of windows. He would walk up to each one, study the view, and then quickly put his paws up on the ledge. One time, he hopped up onto the sill and V literally had to make a dive to pull him back in. The best part about my sidekick is that he was attached to my belt, via the long line. This gives me hands free control of him- he's got 20+ feet to explore, but can't get all the way away from me to go munch on broken glass (something I wouldn't put past him). So, as T said, he must have been reading the news: apparently lots of people are killing themselves and taking their loved ones with them these days... Can't you just see it: Mac jumps to his death, taking me with him. Years later, another explorer comes to Byron and finds two decomposed bodies, one pit bull, one woman, tied by long line. Camera with pictures is all the evidence of what happened....

Pictorial proof:

death by dog

So, I spent a large part of yesterday researching that creepy ad. I tried all my internet skills, but could not find one single piece of evidence that me and EK and T had not made it up. Maybe children AREN'T falling out of windows. Then we went to the A's home opener (they lost) and had a lot of fun and a little to drink. It was great- there was a really sweet memorial for the 4 OPD officers, including a moment where I almost cried- they laid out 4 baseball caps and 4 baseballs on the mound. But then I said to myself, "there's no crying in baseball," and the moment passed. Phew. We took BART home like good local girls, and as we exited the station, there it was. The bus. With children falling out of windows. T posed, and all was well.



EmilyS said...

Eric Clapton's son fell out of the window ("Angels in Heaven"...

themacinator said...

that's really sad. it IS sad that kids fall out of windows. however, that doesn't negate the creepiness of these particular ads. nor does it negate the truth that my dog tried to kill me repeatedly in byron. i have pictures and a witness. it was funny, and the coincidence of the discussion of these ads was funny. if you don't laugh you'll cry.

if you can't laugh at my blog (i know this isn't the first time you haven't laughed at my blog) you don't need to read it. it's tongue in cheek, baby, not tongue sticking out at children who fall out of windows.

themacinator said...

and i think the song is "tears in heaven"

EmilyS said...

sorry, it seemed that your blog was denying that this tragic event does occur and was minimizing the tragedy.
I didn't realize it was all a joke.

My bad