Friday, May 01, 2009

Andrew O'Hagan: Be Near Me

I have read a lot of bad books lately. I had to put a lot of books down, and was determined to finish this book, as putting books down really disturbs some deeply rooted obsessive part of my nature. It was really hard to finish Andrew O'Hagan's "Be Near Me." It just doesn't make sense. It's a fictional story of a priest who is English, in an angry Scottish town. The premise is fine, the priest is a little stuck and in for some culture shock, but why does he start hanging out with really angry teenagers? He himself doesn't seem to know. The teenagers are not nice, he knows they're annoying and snotty, and his parishioners resent his outsider status more for his leaving his duties for annoying, snotty teenagers. Then something happens, and the tricky life that the priest has been trying to lead proves unleadable. The writing is slow, the characters aren't particularly likable, but I finished it. Must. Get. Out. Of. This. Rut.


Elizabeth Kennedy said...

A good day for a reboot: