Friday, May 15, 2009

Bay Area Graffiti... The Book

The book's been out for awhile (I missed the opening party) but I finally found it today at Moe's (which, by the way, is awesome. I've been so sad since Cody's closed. Why didn't I go to Moe's before? It's huge, clean, open, nice.) So, as usual, I'm late to the party. Literally, and figuratively. themacinator readers already knew this, with my 6 month old New Yorker reviews, but please forgive me this time- it's worth it.

funkandjazz, one of my contacts on flickr, has been promoting this book, because, well, he is the photographer. And I've been looking forward to it. But due to my promise to myself not to buy books until I've read the bazillion on my shelves (made back in October of 2007 (!)), I've been studiously avoiding bookstores. While this has been difficult, it may explain my recent bajillions spent on camera equipment- what's it called when you switch one vice for another? Perhaps I should go back to bookstores, they're cheaper. So today, while looking for a book on Richard Avedon for my online photography class, I was so happy to see this book. It's as awesome as I was hoping.

If you like the Bay Area, if you believe graffiti is public art, if you like bright colors, if you like graff at all, you can't not love this book. It's gorgeous. It's so well put together. And it's local. How can you not love knowing the spots that have been hit? How can you not love recognizing the iconic spots with ribity and udon and chan? It's amazing. I've got probably close to 40 graffiti books, but seriously, who knows about the graff artists in Berlin and Melbourne? They're sweet and awesome and totally different from here, but this is HOME. Kudos to Steve Rotman and Chris Brennan and Mark Batty publishing for putting this out- for believing, even during the shitty economy, that this was a worthwhile piece.

Hear it from the the man himself