Thursday, May 21, 2009

Best Thing About The A's in 2009 Award

Aka: Only Good Thing About the A's in 2009 Award.

Recently, themacinator gave away her first award to the very deserving blog Pit Bull Patriarchy. Well, with the A's promising to be shitty or shittier or maybe both, it's time for themacinator to pull another award out of her sleeves. Without further ado, themacinator would like to present the only redeeming thing about the A's in 2009:

Oakland A's Days. Really, these ladies are keeping being an A's Fan that much more fun than being a sweaty Athletic's Supporter. Their posts are short and sweet, but often inspiring. It's true, when the A's only win 1 in 5 games, the wins ARE that much more exciting (and surprising). Their graphics are adorable, their math is great, and I love the videos.

Keep it up, ladies, it's going to be a loooooooong year.


Oakland A's Days said...

We accept this award on behalf of all the A's fans (now about 15 people or so) who still care about this season and on behalf of the Coliseum vendors who have to try night after night to get those 15 fans to pay $7 for a little Round Table pizza that was over priced when it cost $5.50 two years ago. We wouldn't trade this award for all the trumpet puppets, pink A's shirts, and Bobby Crosby backpacks in the world.

p.s. Totally seriously, thank you so much for reading and appreciating our blog. Go A's!

Mick O said...

Adam Kennedy is great!