Friday, May 29, 2009

News From All Over

New and Noteworthy, All the News That's Fit to Print, etc.

Basically, I have a news roundup, and I don't have the energy to digest it. themacinator readers are smart, you can digest/masticate/deconstruct yourselves.

To solve (ok, alleviate) the budget crisis, Bay Area and California State Parks are closing. I may have to develop a new award for this idea. Like, most retarded and self defeating idea I've ever heard. It's cool, we don't need to hang out in nature. We'll just... hang out in urban streets. That we can't afford to fix or police due to the budget. Awesome.

I highly recommend making Racialicious part of your daily blog-reading. Or at least weekly. It's thought provoking without being pedantic. And sometimes, it's heartbreaking. Through a twist of fate, an immigrant whose story is probably not that uncommon, has become semi-famous, and her story is really really devastating.

I dare you not to waste time with this: We Feel Fine. Really click around, try the options. And then... I don't know what. It's one of those useless applications that just... does things.

There's been a lot of really interesting conversation in pit bull and animal welfare world around Nathan Winograd's take on "Pit Bull Ambassador" programs. I'm the first to say I'm not a huge Winograd fan, or "no kill" fan in general, but I did think this article was thought provoking. Ultimately, the short version of my opinion (remember, I'm letting the readers parse these out, as I'm just not in the mood), is that the articles and the subsequent finger-pointing that falsely advertises itself as debate misses the point: none of these players are to blame for the ongoing slaughter of pit bulls. Sure, shittons of pit bulls die in shelters, and shelters and rescue groups and people who run "Ambassador" programs have a part in this slaughter. But we are the trash collectors and waste managers, to use a crude term. We do *not* produce the bulldogs, or bulldog-wannabe's, and are not responsible for the vast overpopulation of these dogs. (No, Mr Winograd, I do not agree that there is no such thing as an overpopulation problem. There is.) So decide for yourself, and careful before you lose too much time to the debates, and the apocrophyl debates (that one's for you, EK).