Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Huzza! to KALX and Local Bookstores

I love KALX. This is no secret. Where better to listen to new, random, commercial free music? Pretty much, nowhere. Lately, it's all I listen to while driving, because my CD player in the back of my car is busted, due to too many jumpings-on by dogs in the back, and my cigarrette lighter is busted which means no iPod in the car, due to my clutziness (basically I tripped when the little hooking-in-thingy was plugged into the iPod, and yanked the whole thing out. Typical.). Anyway, it's all KALX all the time. And I'm not complaining.

This morning, DJ Jesse Luscious was on the air on my way to work. He rocks. He played a song by Merle Haggard about how the US was moving toward big boxes and moved into a riff about shopping locally inspired by the recent closure of Black Oak Books. I had been meaning to post a sad little note about Black Oak Books, but it seemed like... well.. redundant. I was never a big Black Oak Books shopper, because it was far away, more than anything else, and because I take for granted how many awesome local bookstores there are. But obviously, I shouldn't. I've already said that I was pretty crushed when Cody's closed and how relieved I was to find Moe's. Obviously, I believe in shopping locally, and putting your money where your pages are. But really, Jesse Luscious said it- he stood on his microphone soapbox and let it out: in a capitalist society, we wield our tiny little bit of power through our tiny little weak dollar.

Support your local bookstore.

Just remember, you heard it from Merle:

“What happened, does anybody know?
What happened, where did America go?
Everything Wal-Mart all the time,
No more mom and pop five and dimes
What happened, where did America go?
Where did America go?”