Thursday, June 25, 2009

More News From All Over

I've always been a believer in religion for positive social change. Don't right off capital C Christians, even if dude has "superficial resemblance" to George W. Bush. Gary Haugen works for justice and rule of law (as opposed to corruption) in post-colonial countries.

I know I rave about Racialicious a lot, but they're awesome. I've thought about this a lot, but I'm so glad they post, because they are more articulate than I am: Must brown people be martyred for Americans to be motivated. Reminds me of the post 9-11 Afghanistan- all of a sudden Americans were pissed about the Taliban. Who had been an oppressive regime for ages.

Which leads me to another Racialicious post about burkahs. Interesting read.

On another subject all together- DPS (digital photography school) has been dull of late, but a great post on inspiration when you're in a rut is timely- I've been "bored" with my usual subjects lately. Although county fair season is starting up, and that's always fun.


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